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When you have a green card, how and when might you have the capacity to apply for US Citizenship? 
While overall, you ought to be a legitimate enduring tenant to apply for naturalization, there are certain thin exceptional cases to this run the show. We give chronicles, articles and associations clearing up who is met all requirements for naturalization and furthermore the application strategies, including an on the web, self-helping history and government test. - How to Respond to a USCIS Request for Evidence
Our US citizenship legal counselors have various circumstances of experience helping individuals in completing their N-400 applications, easily getting through the naturalization test and running with them to their gatherings. In the 1970s, Attorney Carl Shusterman filled in as an INS Citizenship Attorney in Los Angeles where he conversed with countless for naturalization and for subordinate citizenship through their people. 
To be fit the bill for naturalization, you should: 
Be a honest to goodness ceaseless tenant of the United States for quite a while, or 3 years if married to a U.S. local for in any event the 3 years (despite the way that there are certain extraordinary cases to this need for individuals who have respectable organization in the U.S. Military); 
Be physically present in the United States for the greater part of the required residency time period; 
Take care of business of good character; 
Certification of steadfastness to the United States; 
Have the ability to talk, read and create fundamental words and articulations in the English lingo (despite the way that there are certain unique cases to this run); and 
Easily finish a test in US history and government. 
When you transform into an occupant of the United States, you may bolster your friend, gatekeepers, kids and young ladies and your kin and sisters for legitimate invariable living game plan in the U.S. A couple of individuals may obtain US citizenship amid labor, or while they are minors, through their U.S. local gatekeepers or grandparents. This is known as securing US citizenship through getting or enlistment. We have posted the organization's 4 US nationality plots on our site. It is similarly possible to have your naturalization denied. Finally, we interface with articles as for who is fit the bill to be a "twofold" national, an inhabitant of more than one country. 
US Citizenship is isolated into the going with subtopics: 
Cases of conquering difficulty – US Citizenship 
General Information: Naturalization 
Accelerated Naturalization through Military Service 
Other Citizenship Issues 
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